Countryside Evidence File 1 contains two documents:

The first presents a few key results from the Chapel Vision Survey (2012) that are relevant to the Countryside section of the Chapel-en-le-Frith Neighbourhood Plan.

The second Document (Evidence Document 1) presents the evidence, including maps, upon which the definition of the Chapel-en-le Frith Parish Special Landscape Area was established and describes the methods used for identifying places that are special to local people and which they want to protect from development.

1.1 Key results from Chapel Vision Survey Countryside Section

1.2 Evidence Document 1 Identifying places that are special to local people

Countryside Evidence File 2 presents the general reasons, criteria and presentation used in establishing which of the green spaces that had been identified as special by local people were proposed as Local Green Spaces in the Neighbourhood Plan. It describes the form used for presentation of evidence for all of the Local Green Spaces and how the form can be used to show which spaces satisfy the National Planning Policy Criteria for Local Green Space. This file also includes some comments that apply to all of the proposed spaces.

2.1 Introduction

2.2 NPPF Criteria for Local Green Space

2.3 General comments in selecting Local Green Spaces in this Plan

2.4 Reasons and criteria Form for LGS

Countryside  Evidence File 3 contains a separate evidence document for each of the proposed Local Green Spaces. Each of those documents contains a map of the space, a form describing the space and summarising the case for support, photographs and comments from local people.

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File 3 Information on individual Local Green Spaces

Appendix AE1 (to follow) will contain information on other specific areas of Parish countryside, which survey and investigation revealed that local people want to protect from inappropriate development.

These areas are not included in the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan.