Complete List Of Local Green Spaces

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LGS 1 Small grass area between Primary School and Methodist Churchyard rev

LGS 2 Warmbrook area behind Primary School rev

LGS 3 Tramps Garden

LGS 4 Orchard Bowden Lane

LGS 6 Dove Holes

LGS 7 Target Wall Fields rev 2

LGS 8 Land around Combs reservoir 1

LGS 8 Land around Combs reservoir rev2

LGS 9 Field adjacent to Combs School 1

LGS 10 Field in the centre of Combs Village 1

LGS 11 Spring Meadow Whitehough

LGS 13 Fields near Homestead Way

LGS 14 Chapel South Station Approach

LGS 16 High School Fields rev 1

LGS 17 North and South of Manchester Road Approach to Chapel

LGS 18 near Lodge Care Home

LGS 19 Fields near Longsons yard

LGS 20 Field behind Mortens

LGS 21 Burnside Avenue

LGS 22 South Head Drive 1

LGS 23 Entrance to Bank Hall Drive

LGS 24 Land to South of Manchester Road